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    Bookkeeping & Accounting

    Proper management and control of your company’s financial records are key growth and success drivers.  Order and transparency of financial information enhance credibility of your business.

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    Filing & Tax Preparation

    Make sure you are realizing allowable deductions and applying for credits while taking advantage of tax reduction. Give us the opportunity to assist you in the preparation of your taxes.

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    Payroll & HR Support

    We process your payroll efficiently. A happy employee is the secret of the growth of your company. We help you pay your employees on time and making the right deductions.

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    QuickBooks & Navision

    We give you support in controlling and managing sales, costs and expenses of your company by introducing QuickBooks and Navision.


BusinessBK is a properly managed firm that allows business decision-makers to have broader control of their operations and helps them planning the business future by doing the following:
• We help your company have an organizational growth by organizing financial information that will give you a clear perspective of your company’s current status.
• We keep your tax information up-to-date and deliver your tax statements on time.
• We help you keep under control your cash flow and payments to suppliers since it gives your company good reputation in the market.
• We seek to build long lasting relationships with our clients; your growth is our growth.


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    Knowledge, effort, good service and dedication are our key success factors in our work.

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    We offer a diverse list of services to contribute to our customers’ well-being and success.

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    Confidence-based relations and teamwork with our partners and customers have been critical in our success as company.

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